Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More am Legend

As promised, here is a short video from yesterday's downtown Manhattan shoot of I Am Legend. Note the front-end of a sedan on the flatbed behind the camera car heading down the block. Will Smith was indeed in the car, but as the passenger. A woman was driving & the camera was filming a conversation as they drove down the street.

And some more photos:

The craft service area & other crew stations.

This mega-trailer – two levels high – was parked across the block from our apartment.
Must have been Will Smith's.

And one final poster shot that says it all:


Blogger Sir Laguna said...

Great pictures... Thanks a LOT.
But I still think that this isn't going to be a good movie :(

4:02 AM  
Blogger 追放マーク said...

100% with you on that one. Given everything I've heard about it so far, all indications are toward "suck".

But I'm a big sucker for post-apocalyptic movies of all kinds, and finding myself in the midst of one was a bit of a thrill.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Singnsista@aol.com said...

I think the movie is going to be great, considering my daughter and I were one of the extra's filming in it. It was an awesome experience that I will never forget. Will Smith is a great actor and this Film will do well. I also have pictures from the set if you would like to see them. Email me.

God Bless

5:20 PM  
Blogger dvdchris said...

cool, I like post-apoc movies and I wonder if it's going to be anything like the book.

9:32 PM  

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