Monday, May 11, 2009

Next interview

Here's another hint. Then again, he was in at least as many Miike films as Ren Osugi was!

Truly talented and prolific actor - since the mid-1950s! - Renji Ishibashi. We chatted about the Miike film in question, plus his other works including films for Kinji Fukasaku, Tatsumi Kumashiro, Noboru Tanaka and others.

More updates to come.


Blogger vegeta1984 said...

Man I hope that these interviews are for a Miike film that hasn't been released on R1 DVD. (Are these interviews for a R1 DVD?) If I had to guess this is going to be for Audition since it's out of print again in the states. Why won't someone release Man In White?

9:28 PM  

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