Monday, September 03, 2007

Malformed Men will Rule!

Reviews have been popping up for Synapse Films' DVDs of Horrors of Malformed Men and Snake Woman's Curse faster than naked women in a Teruo Ishii film.

The biggest so far has been Dave Kehr's rave review of Malformed Men in the New York Times, which also includes some good words about Snake Woman. More review links are below, for hours of entertainment.

The photo above was snapped by friend and Malformed liner notes writer Patrick Macias, at the legendary Video Market in Shinjuku, undoubtedly the best import video store in Tokyo.

10,000 Bullets (Malformed)
10,000 Bullets (Snake)
Bloodtype Online (Malformed)
Bloodtype Online (Snake)
Bloody-Disgusting (Malformed)
Bloody-Disgusting (Snake)
Commercial Appeal
Dreamlogic (Malformed)
Dreamlogic (Snake)
DVD Active
DVD Drive-In (Malformed)
DVD Drive-In (Snake)
DVD in My Pants
DVD Maniacs (Malformed)DVD Maniacs (Snake)
DVD Savant
DVD Times (Malformed)
DVD Times (Snake)
DVD Verdict
Fangoria (Malformed)
Fangoria (Snake)
Mondo Digital
Sex Gore Mutants (Malformed)
Sex Gore Mutants (Snake)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, this is the kind of evidence we need. personally, i'm almost unavoidably dominated by imports and DVD purchases in my film habits, but i've also long been a advocate of the kind of licensing which is really well represented by 'horrors of malformed men'. sure, this film may not be a huge seller if you describe it to potentially stockist in america, but with another market aimed at simultaneously (i.e japan, of course) you should find a license of such a japanese film (of which there must be many examples, surely?) a much smarter proposition on the whole. i mean, if you can sell a film back to it's home territory as well as to many of the american market for such films, you're building into much better futures than simply going for non-mainstream mega-audiences who'll drop you like a hat when the next lot of new rental releases come around...

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