Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I guess proving the adage that it's the flaw in the diamond that makes it beautiful, a friend has noted a missed typo in the Teruo Ishii biography on the Horrors of Malformed Men DVD. (Maybe he should look for work as a proofreader?)

On page 4 of the bio, it says that 1965 was the turning point for both Ishii's career and that of actor Ken Takakura, due to the success of the film
Abashiri Prison. Then at the bottom of the page (and onto page 5), there's a sentence which reads "But by 1957, Ishii had had enough and turned the reins over to other directors who continued the series for another eight films." Clearly, that's supposed to read "1967" since Ishii couldn't have had enough of the series before he started it! Unfortunately, the fault is entirely mine – I double-checked the bio text that writer Chris D. emailed me and of course, the date reads 1967. Somehow that 6 became a 5 in the middle of the work on the disc.

Time for a recall!


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