Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More am Legend

As promised, here is a short video from yesterday's downtown Manhattan shoot of I Am Legend. Note the front-end of a sedan on the flatbed behind the camera car heading down the block. Will Smith was indeed in the car, but as the passenger. A woman was driving & the camera was filming a conversation as they drove down the street.

And some more photos:

The craft service area & other crew stations.

This mega-trailer – two levels high – was parked across the block from our apartment.
Must have been Will Smith's.

And one final poster shot that says it all:

Monday, October 30, 2006

Apocalypse Tribeca

In a welcome change from the usual "Law and Order" episode shooting in our southern Tribeca neighborhood, this morning we found a large crew set up outside to film an outdoor sequence from the fall 2007 Warner Brothers production I Am Legend, based – loosely, I presume – on the terrific Richard Matheson story of the same name.

Will Smith stars in the film, which is about a deadly plague that turns everyone in the world into vampires. A lone scientist (in the book, at least) remains human and works furiously to formulate a cure to the plague, while each night vampires terrorize his barricaded home. I have a feeling that the movie version will be a bit more action-oriented than that, given the casting.

In our neighborhood, West Broadway from Chambers Street to Park Place (three blocks) was turned into a post-disaster wasteland, complete with abandoned cars, broken storefronts, grass growing through the sidewalk, and plague and quarantine posters everywhere. The crew was shooting a sequence with a camera truck and car mockup, up and down the street all day. Smith and a co-star were inside the car & a conversation was being filmed, with the abandoned storefronts as a backdrop.

Devastation in front of our local pizza joint.

A close-up of the poster on the side of the van. Mark your calendars.

Another store with its windows "smashed".

"Abandoned" and dirty vehicles were everywhere.
It actually reminded me heavily of 9/11 and the days after.

Warning posters hung on phone booths.

More photos in another day or two, and maybe some video. For the time being, Happy Halloween.