Monday, May 05, 2008

A brief hiatus

It's a quiet week currently on the Nikkatsu Action front. Last Friday saw the final screening of the series at New York's Japan Society, and the same day screenings were held in Chicago and Columbus, as well.

Next week gets busy again, with us taking a trip to hometown Pittsburgh for four screenings at the Andy Warhol Museum, as part of the Silkscreen (Asian) Film Festival. It should be a lot of fun, since Pittsburgh is where I got some of my first taste of Japanese cinema, one of the biggest events being the three times I saw Akira Kurosawa's Ran at a downtown cinema in late 1985.

Thursday, 5/15:
7:30 pm The Warped Ones
9:00 pm Glass Johnny: Looks Like a Beast

Friday, 5/16:
7:30 pm A Colt is My Passport
9:00 pm Plains Wanderer

Also next weekend are more screenings in ColumbusRoughneck and The Velvet Hustler — and ChicagoGangster VIP. Then the Chicago screenings finish out the following Friday, May 23rd, with Roughneck. The series goes on a brief hiatus after that until July, when three shows will happen in Montreal, four in Seattle, and five in Vancouver. More details on those will be posted soon.

In other news, Discotek Media's eagerly-awaited DVD of Teruo Ishii's brain-searing Porno Period Story: Bohachi Bushido, aka Bohachi: Code of the Forgotten Eight is finally coming out at the end of this month. Our copies are on the way, and we'll post our thoughts later this week.


Blogger SPM said...

took your advise and emailed criterion. only thing they said was Velvet Hustler will be out on DVD, not release date though. Better than nothing.

Hope you can put together more films at J-Society.

8:53 AM  

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